Why India should revert to a Dharmarashtra

30 Dec

A new conception on the process of human evolution was described here: https://dispersalofhumanityfromhomoegaster.wordpress.com/2013/08/28/the-characteristics-of-human-evolution-through-consciousness/. This post relates to developments that have taken place specifically in the Indian subcontinent during the past 10,000 years giving the justification for a new direction for the people living in this region of the world.

If people follow a god/God, they are entitled to get together and form a society that lives to the dictats given to them by that god/God. That is the special mechanism of human evolution. Natural human evolution takes place through the play of guna consciousness and the overlordship of this process by God who is Sri Krishna. It should be noted that even atheism is a creation of guna consciousness that generate atheistic philosophies of various descriptions for people to live under, although atheists themselves are unaware that they derive their motivation from a god as such. It is further notable that atheists come in various forms such as those running the communist party of China with an authoritarian system of government to western atheists who advocate humanism within secularism as a panacea that they intellectually and militarily try and impose within a democratic system of governance for mankind. Similarly Buddhism is agnostic. Thus, the gods responsible for atheistic philosophies in mankind can range between all three dieties governing the sattvic, rajasic and tamasic gunas. It is what they practice that determines their nature.

It is natural that people who follow a god (or no god as in the case of atheists) from the range available in the triangle of consciousness forces known as the guna triangle created by Sri Krishna will have an affinity and camaraderie for one another and so try and get together to form a social group as a society to live under the dictations of that particular god. The success of mankind as a animal species on planet Earth depends on the fruitfulness attained by the organisation of human beings in the formations of such religious and philosophical societies. The method of evolution through the triad guna consciousness that imparts sattvic, rajasic and tamasic characteristics to people ensures that humanity is composed of a diverse range of good and viable societies which have the potential to survive on the planet into the future, with failed societies biting the dust.

Sanatan dharma comes to us directly from Sri Krishna as God who bypasses the guna consciousness to live with humanity. The principles of sanatan dharma are upholding truth, justice, peace through justice, fairness, decency, oneness with Nature, and freedom of expression. These cardinal virtues may be derived from our study of the Bhagavad Gita and the epics of Mahabharatta and the Ramayana. In a sentence, sanatan dharma as the performance of actions that will preserve the world that God has created for future generations.

There should be a homeland for people who believe in following Sri Krishna and live to these cardinal virtues. Centuries of colonialisation firstly by the Muslims and then by the British have eroded the Hindu people’s commitment to sanatan dharma as the advice of God. The only way to foster this commitment is to have a nation that is driven under the Constitution as a Hindu Rashtra where the people live to these principles. Rashtra means nation, and a Hindu Rashtra is therefore a nation that is governed by and fosters the principles of living that describe what it is to be a Hindu person. All religions and philosophies come within Hinduism generated by Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva as guna complexes or by Sri Krishna as sanatan dharma. It should therefore be recognised that being a Hindu is nothing special if one does not live to sanatan dharma.

India is the homeland of the Hindus, the vast majority of the population practising dharma. It should therefore take steps to amend the Constitution to turn itself to a dharmic Hindu Rashtra again so that people can live without the conflicts that colonialism-associated multiculturalism has brought to the land.

This should be attained peacefully through encouraging the strong-willed minority groups (Muslims, Christians and Sikhs) to move to areas of the Indian subcontinent where they can live with people of their own beliefs and practices and then given regional autonomy or independence – unless they abandon their religions to become adherents of sanatan dharma. Accordingly, what would be left of India should be renamed as ‘Bharat’ to signify such a dharmic nation, to be then known as a dharmarashtra to distinguish it from Buddhist dharma or other conceptions of Hindu dharma.


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