The supplantation of genetic social speciation by religious social speciation in human history

6 Jan

It is well accepted that religion is a recent phenomenon in the course of human history that we can trace to Homo ergaster that emerged from Africa. There is no evidence from cave paintings for example of gods and sculptures of gods anywhere in the world before 20,000 years ago indicating that humans that lived before this time had no conception of supernatural forces. There are examples of paintings in caves perhaps 30,000 years ago but these do not appear to impart any religious signficance.

The process of the evolution of human history has therefore been two-phased. The first period relates to the gradual colonisation of the world by the descendants of Homo erectus and later by Homo sapiens, which subsequently mixed to form the modern humans of Homo sapiens sapiens to establish themselves in various parts of the world. During this long process of proliferation the predominant influence on human speciation was the social speciation that took place through genetic changes as described here: Before humans settled they were guided mainly by their tamasic guna energy with hardly any sattvic and rajasic influences. It is only when human populations got established and God intervened to bring humanity to a new level of civilisation that sattvic and rajasic influences on humanity became increasingly more prominent. Modern humans are now largely the product of religious influence on evolution with all three guna consciousness energy generating various religions.

Religious thoughts are no more than 10,000 years old and are first believed to have started in the Indian subcontinent and then the Middle East. But simultaneous developments took place whenever a population got established in all parts of the world. This strongly suggests that God was instrumental in getting these populations of humans to start thinking that supernatural forces were in existence in Nature. Once the thought was planted by God into the minds of people everywhere, they were left alone to determine their particular beliefs by themselves under the influence of the guna consciousness forces as described here:


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